What is Moodwire?

We parse and read text from social media websites, blogs, reviews, news and many other sources to generate running comprehensive analytics on products and companies.   Our technology literally reads people's free-form quotes and the scores, categorizes, and charts these so that you can have picture of how different companies and products stack up from a "public" point of view.


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Moodwire Web™

Moodwire Web™ is where customers log in and see real-time charts and graphs for all sectors, industries and companies that...


The Moodwire API™ provides full programmatic access to all moodwire.com data feeds and analytics for use in our partner's and customer's own data...


SparkScore® is our jointly developed Social-NPS metric (Social NetPromoter® Score) which utilizes our real-time metrics and other calculations t...


About Moodwire

We founded Moodwire to bring unique innovation to social media analytics, while helping companies understand and respond to their customers on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and review sites.  After...